Ionic column capital
Ionic column capital
Ionic capital | Photo by Yusuf Dündar on Unsplash

This is the first part of a series about finding the best cross-platform application development framework. The legendary Holy Grail to which you can pour wine once and then drink it anywhere. Today I’ll discuss the pros and cons of Ionic. I’ll try to be objective, but the amount of my time that this framework has wasted will make it difficult.

About me

I have been developing native Android applications since 2012. Until 2017 in Java, from 2017 in Kotlin. As part of my side projects, I also write Python scripts and websites, mainly in React with TypeScript. For several years, I have been testing various cross-platform technologies that would save me time and at the same time give me access to a new market. …

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Photo by Cesar Carlevarino Aragon on Unsplash

This question changed my view on object-oriented programming forever. It was a few years ago when I accidentally found the answer I hadn’t even sought. Eventually, however, it was surprisingly simple, yet enlightening. Unlike me back then, I assume you aren’t here by mistake, so I hope to shed some light on the concept of context and, ideally, inspire you to build better-designed software.

Before I start, let me mention that you shouldn’t expect much academic theory (in fact, you shouldn’t expect it at all) and terms used in their strict book definitions. My aim is not to give one of those dull lectures devoid of practical usage, but to share my knowledge and understanding of the context in the… context of OOP, and how it helps to design clearer architecture and more user-friendly APIs, libraries, etc. …

Who does not like cakes? / Photo by Rakesh Gohil from Pexels

Before you start reading, let me put one note here. Obviously, it could be achieved in Java (or another statically typed language) as well but as my example comes from an Android library, choosing Kotlin was the most appropriate option.

Type safety



Android/Kotlin Developer.

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